We help you to understand Python better.

Prepare your Mac for the training.

For this training, you need 3 things:

1. Install Python 3

This course uses Python 3.

Download and install Python 3

2. Install a code editor

To write code, you need a code editor. For this course, I recommend Atom. Atom is a code editor that looks clean and is very responsive. It allows you to type code without distraction.

Download and install Atom

2.1 Create and save new python file

Start Atom and create a new file

Save the file in the Documents folder and call it `helloworld.py`

The name of a Python script always ends with .py

Type the following code:

The blue dot indicates that the file has changes.

Save the file.

3. Execute code

Launch the Terminal

The terminal starts in your home folder. You have saved helloworld.py in the Documents folder. To navigate to the Documents folder, enter the following command:

cd Documents

You are now ready to execute the code. Type the following command:

python3 helloworld.py


Hello World!