Web development? Yes, with Python please!

Creating a dynamic website with Django

In this course you will learn how to build dynamic websites with Django and Python. Most courses focus on individual techniques and how to do things. This course is different. I take you on a journey from customer briefing to first deployment and then work from milestone to milestone to build a dynamic website with an integrated web shop.

After this course, you understand how dynamic websites work and can be built by Django and Python. You have have combined views, templates and routes to create web pages. You have worked with Django’s static file mechanism to allow images and styles and organised web page data by using Django’s support for database queries.

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By the end of this course


3.5 Hours, 8 Hours if you type along.

Level: Beginners, Intermediate

You have some programming experience and an interest in creating dynamic websites.



Enroll in the course on Udemy