About trainer Loek

Loek van den Ouweland is a born teacher. Right from the start of his career, he was told that a programmer helps his customers best when he shows what his products can do and how they are built.

He worked for many companies as programmer and trainer and has always enjoyed to share the secrets of programming with others.

Loek has 25 years of experience training people with different backgrounds, all ages, working in branches ranging from medical systems to manufacturing and academics to aerospace.

"Loek is the kind of trainer that feels just as comfortable teaching curious novices how to write their first computer programs as he is teaching experienced programmers how to work with complex patterns and concepts."

He has worked with these companies:

UWV Berliner Volkshochschule 6wunderkinder Udemy Deutzer Microsoft Atos Origin Bavaria TU Delft Provincie Noord Brabant IAI ReflectionIT Croyse Hoeve DLoG DSM Interpolis Safened NXP Philips2 Sioux Mavention Via VNU ASML Bouwgenius